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Science Week November 2021

Thanks so much to Ms Olivia O'Shea for co-ordinating Science Week in our school. This year classes have already begun planning their experiments to do in the hall. Some classes are doing experiments in their classrooms too. Keep an eye here for updates of photos from classes for Science Week.

Thanks to Catherine Daly who spoke to Juniors, 2nd, 4th and 5th about native species to Ireland. She will speak with all other classes next Wednesday. We learned about the characteristics of mammals and got to touch the different mammals. We learned that some animals are prey and others are predators while a few can be both prey and predators. We really enjoyed it as it was so interactive as we got to go around and touch the various stuffed animals. Thanks also to Olivia O’Shea for organising this for us as part of Science Week.

3rd Class Lava Lamps

2nd Class

Here is a mixture of photos from 2nd class of making slime, floating and sinking experiments and animals with Catherine Daly.

Here are more photos of 2nd class doing their own science demonstrations.

5th Class

6th Class

4th Class

Ms O’Shea’s 4th class looked at their reaction time as part of a science experiment. They attached a piece of play dough to a paperclip and a reaction strip which measured how fast they reacted. Their partner then dropped the strip of paper and they tried to catch it as fast as they could.



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